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How do I stop my glass cooktop from scratching?

Steps to Remove the Scratch:
  1. Make a loose paste from the baking soda and water. Make sure the paste is a wet one, as dry or abrasive substances should not be used on the cook top. It should be the consistency of pudding.
  2. Apply it directly to the COOL stove top, rubbing gently.
  3. Wipe clean.
  4. Buff dry with the second cloth.

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Simply so, how do you stop a glass stove top from scratching?

Here are some tips.

  1. Never move a pan back and forth over the burner.
  2. Only use pots and pans with smooth bottoms while cooking on a glass top.
  3. Periodically scrub the bottoms of your pans.
  4. Clean spills as soon as they're cool enough to safely wipe away.
  5. Avoid contact between your glass cook top and aluminum foil.

Beside above, what will take scratches out of glass? First, clean the glass well and dry it using a lint-free cloth. Apply a dollop of toothpaste to a soft cloth and rub it into the scratch using a circular motion. After buffing for 30-40 seconds, wipe the toothpaste off with a damp cloth. Dry again with the lint-free cloth.

Also question is, can you fix scratches on a glass top stove?

Dip the corner of the soft sponge into the baking soda mixture and apply the paste onto the scratched areas of the cooktop. Buff the scratches with the baking soda paste until they are minimized or small surface scratches are gone. If the scratch is deep, you will not be able to completely eradicate it.

Does Cerama Bryte remove scratches?

So you don't get scratches from scrubbing, use Cerama Bryte cleaner. It's a liquid cleaner, kind of thick, you put it on the cool stove top, let it sit a few minutes on really dirty spots, then scrub with a paper towel or the scrubber sponge they include in a kit. Then just rinse clean with a damp paper towel.

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