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How do I silence my Honeywell alarm?

How to stop beeping due to a problem with one or more zones:
  1. Press any key on the keypad to silence the trouble beep.
  2. Make sure that the displayed zone is intact.
  3. After the problem has been corrected, clear the CHECK or FAULT display by entering the OFF sequence (security code + OFF key) twice.

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Moreover, how do I silence my keypad alarm?

Tech Tips: Silence DSC Maxsys 4020 Keypad from Beeping on a Trouble

  1. Hold down the * button until desired volume or silence.
  2. Release the button once the desired volume or silence is found.
  3. A message will be displayed on the keypad asking to press “1″ for bypass zones.

One may also ask, how do you disarm a house alarm without the code? Access the Main Control Panel of Your Alarm System

  1. Locate the main access panel of your home alarm system.
  2. Remove the AC power to the home alarm console from the wall directly.
  3. Use your console's access key (or another item such as a small screw) to unlock and open the system's backing.

Considering this, how do I turn down the volume on my Honeywell alarm?

How to Change the Volume on a Honeywell Alarm

  1. Press the "Function" button.
  2. Press the "Volume" button.
  3. To increase volume, press the "3" button.
  4. To decrease volume, press the "6" button.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 to further increase or decrease volume.
  6. Press the "Function" button.
  7. Press the "Volume" button.
  8. Press the "Off" button.

How do I get my alarm to stop beeping when I open the door?

How to Turn Off the Chime

  1. Open the door on the front of the alarm and press the * button and the 4 button simultaneously.
  2. When prompted, press the “chime” button for 2 seconds.
  3. Close the door of the alarm.

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