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How do I set up mobile hotspot on my Android?

Here's how you configure a hotspot connection onAndroid:
  1. Open the Settings app;
  2. Select the Network & internet option;
  3. Select Hotspot & tethering;
  4. Tap on Wi-Fi hotspot;
  5. This page has options for turning the hotspot feature onand off.
  6. Follow instructions to customize the hotspot feature toyour liking.

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Hereof, how do you connect mobile hotspot?

Step 1: Turn on your phone's hotspot

  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Tap Network & internet Hotspot & tethering Wi-Fihotspot.
  3. Turn on Wi-Fi hotspot.
  4. To see or change a hotspot setting, like the name or password,tap it. If needed, first tap Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

Also, can I use my phone as a hotspot? Just as the iPhone can be used as a Wi-Fihotspot, many Android smartphones and tablets offersimilar features. With a Wi-Fi hotspot, your mobiledata connection on your Android device can be sharedwirelessly with up to five other devices, including other cellphones, tablets, and computers.

Regarding this, why is my hotspot not working?

Use these steps first Restart the iPhone or iPad that provides PersonalHotspot and the other device that needs to connect toPersonal Hotspot. Make sure that you have the latest versionof iOS. On the iPhone or iPad that provides PersonalHotspot, go to Settings > General > Reset, then tapReset Network Settings.

Is it bad for your phone to use it as a hotspot?

Mobile hotspots are, usually, significantlyslower than Wi-Fi or even MiFi hotspots. Turning your phoneinto a hotspot wears out your phone's battery intranslating a 4G or 3G connection into Internet access. If youuse your phone as a hotspot, then you might also wantto plug it in.

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