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How do I search for an image in Word?

To search for graphics, follow these steps:
  1. Press Ctrl+F.
  2. Click on the More button, if it is available.
  3. Make sure the Find What box is empty and the cursor is located in the box.
  4. Click on Special, then choose Graphic.
  5. Set other searching parameters, as desired.
  6. Click on Find Next.

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People also ask, how do I find hidden pictures in Word?

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Office Word > "Word Options" in Word 2007. (Click "File" > "Options" in Word 2016/2013/2010.) Step 2: Click "Advanced" on the left pane, uncheck "Show picture placeholders" under Show document content. Then you should be able to see your hidden images or pictures in Word document again.

Similarly, how do you replace a figure in Word?

  1. In a Word document, insert your new image that you want to replace existing ones with at the top of the document. Highlight it, and hit Command + C if you're on a Mac or Ctrl + C if you're in Windows to copy the image.
  2. Next, head to the Edit menu, scroll down to Find, and then select Replace.

Beside above, how you can insert an online picture in your Word document?

To insert an image from the Web, select the Insert tab and click the Online Pictures button in the Illustrations group. Type the search string into the Bing search field and press Enter. Select the image you wish to insert and click Insert to add it to the document.

Why are images not displaying in Word?

To show the images: Click on the top left round button, and then on "Word Options" at the bottom of the popup box. In the dialog that appears click on "Advanced" on the left. Scroll down, and then under "Show document content" uncheck "Show picture placeholders". Click OK.

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