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How do I schedule my driving test in Maine?

Your road test will be scheduled at the location nearest to your home. Bring your learner's permit and appointment notice with you. You can reschedule the test at no fee due to inclement weather conditions by calling (207) 624-9000, ext. 52119.

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Besides, how do I take the road test in Maine?

When you are ready to take the road test, mail the road test request card to the main office of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, 29 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0029. If you are under the age of 21 you must submit a completed driving log. You will be scheduled at the testing location nearest to you.

Additionally, how many times can you fail your driver's test in Maine? If you fail the test three times or wait longer than ninety days to retake it, then the application will be closed and you'll have to repeat the process from the beginning.In general, obtaining a learner's permit is not a difficult process.

Consequently, how much does it cost to get your license in Maine?

$35 fee. Two forms of identification (See required identification documents ) Proof of residency. Driver education completion certificate (applicants who are under 18 years old ONLY)

What is on the Maine driving test?

The Maine written knowledge test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions regarding rules of the road, road safety, pedestrian and bicycle safety guidelines, driving under the influence laws, and more. Unlike most states, the process to take the written driver's test can take a while, so it's important to study.

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