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How do I run Nuget?

  1. Visit and select NuGet 3.3 or higher (2.8. 6 is not compatible with Mono).
  2. Each download is the nuget.exe file directly.
  3. Add the folder where you placed nuget.exe to your PATH environment variable to use the CLI tool from anywhere.

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Keeping this in view, how do I run a NuGet command?

To use any command, open a command window or bash shell, then run nuget followed by the command and appropriate options, such as nuget help pack (to view help on the pack command). This documentation reflects the latest version of the NuGet CLI.

Likewise, how do NuGet packages work? Developers with code to share create packages and publish them to a public or private host. Package consumers obtain those packages from suitable hosts, add them to their projects, and then call a package's functionality in their project code. NuGet itself then handles all of the intermediate details.

Also to know, how do I run a NuGet restore?

Restore packages manually using Visual Studio

  1. Enable package restore by choosing Tools > Options > NuGet Package Manager. Under Package Restore options, select Allow NuGet to download missing packages.
  2. In Solution Explorer, right click the solution and select Restore NuGet Packages.

What version of NuGet do I have?

In Visual Studio, use the Help > About Microsoft Visual Studio command and look at the version displayed next to NuGet Package Manager. Alternatively, launch the Package Manager Console (Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Console) and enter $host to see information about NuGet including the version.

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