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How do I report Study Island?

Contact Study Island Customer Support (800.447. 5286 or [email protected]

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Furthermore, how does Study Island work?

Study Island is goal oriented. Students work to achieve each mini-goal within their specific curriculum. A student may be working on a lesson over “Context Clues.” The teacher can set the benchmark score at 75 percent for mastery. The student then answers the designated number of questions.

Secondly, what is a white ribbon in Study Island? Students will receive a White Ribbon when they pass a Building Block Topic.

Also to know is, how do you get a blue ribbon on Study Island?

To Generate a Blue Ribbon Chart:

  1. Log in and click on School Reports.
  2. Click on the Blue Ribbon Report.
  3. For Report Format, select Blue Ribbon Chart.
  4. Select a Class, Program, and Subject.
  5. Click either View Report or Export XLS to export as an excel file.

Who invented homework?

Roberto Nevilis

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