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How do I renew my DC real estate license?

There isn't an annual fee to have a DC real estate license, however your DC real estate license must be renewed every two years on the odd year. To be eligible for renewal you must complete the 15-hour Continuing Education requirement and pay a renewal fee.

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Simply so, how much does it cost to get a real estate license in DC?

The fee to take the District of Columbia real estate exam is $61.50. The application fee for the DC real estate license is $240. Pre-Licensing coursework tuition and fees may vary depending on where you take your classes.

Also Know, what states have real estate reciprocity with DC? Get a DC Real Estate License by Reciprocity in Virginia and Maryland licensees (if MD license issued 1996 to date) , you can apply for your DC real estate license by reciprocity. This requires taking a 3 hour DC Fair Housing course and passing the DC portion of the PSI real estate exam.

Also know, how do I get a DC real estate license reciprocity?

Get a DC License By Reciprocity

  1. Take the DC Fair Housing course that is given all throughout the year.
  2. Get a Original Letter of Certification (letter of licensure) to show that you are in good standing in your state.
  3. Sit for the law part of the DC exam.

How many members on the DC real estate commission must hold an active broker's license?

Three members

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