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How do I query in LDAP?

How to Execute the LDAP Query?
  1. Open the ADUC console and go to the Saved Queries section;
  2. Create a new query: New > Query;
  3. Specify the name of the request and click the Define Query button;
  4. Select the Custom Search type, go to the Advanced tab and copy your LDAP query code into the Enter LDAP query field;

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Thereof, how do I run a LDAP query in Active Directory?

Using LDAP Saved Queries in Active Directory

  1. In the Name box, specify the name of the saved query to be displayed in the ADUC console.
  2. Then click Define Query, and select Custom Search on Find drop down.
  3. Go to Advanced tab and copy the following LDAP query into Enter LDAP query box:
  4. Save the changes by clicking OK.

Also Know, how do I search for a user in LDAP? You can also search in Process Admin > User Management > Group Management. Type in tw_allusers in Select Group to Modify and click Add Users. The search will allow you to find a name. If you know the users ldap username, you can search for them using tw.

Regarding this, how do you test a LDAP filter?

To use the Test LDAP tool:

  1. Go to Start>All Programs>Cherwell Service Management>Tools>Test LDAP. The Connect to Cherwell Service Management window opens.
  2. Select a connection and click OK. The Test LDAP login window opens.
  3. Provide the User ID and Password.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Troubleshoot LDAP Authentication:
  6. Test LDAP Searching:

What is an LDAP query?

An LDAP query is a command that asks a directory service for some information. For instance, if you'd like to see which groups a particular user is a part of, you'd submit a query that looks like this: (&(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName=yourUserName)

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