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How do I pressurize my RO tank?

How to Re-Pressurize Your Tank
  1. Turn off the feed water supply to the RO.
  2. Drain the old tank completely thru the spigot.
  3. Close the tank's Ball Valve.
  4. Disconnect the YELLOW line from the tank valve.
  5. Locate the pressure valve under the blue cap on the tank.
  6. Use an Air Pressure gauge to check the current Air Pressure.

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Besides, what pressure should my RO tank be?

In an empty tank, air pressure should be 7-10 psi. In a full/heavy tank, air pressure should be 30-40 psi. To be accurate, air pressure should be 2/3 of incoming water pressure. When the tank is full, and if feed water pressure to the RO system is 60 psi, then a full tank should have 40 psi.

Additionally, how long does it take to fill up a reverse osmosis tank? 2 to 4 hours

In respect to this, how do you recharge a pressure tank?


  1. Turn off power to pump.
  2. By-pass all water filtering equipment.
  3. Open faucet on laundry tub or other faucet that does not have a screen.
  4. Continue running water until pressure drops to 0.
  5. Leave faucet open; begin pumping air into tank with compressor.

Why is my RO tank empty?

Open the unit's tap and allow the water to run until the tank is empty. The pressure in an empty tank should be eight pounds. If the pressure in the tank is too high, water will be unable to enter from the filters. If the pressure is too low, the water inside the tank will not flow to the faucet.

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