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How do I plan a wedding without a coordinator?

Here's how you can stay sane as your own wedding planner.
  1. Break down the tasks one week at a time.
  2. Enlist your besties for help.
  3. Don't look at the total wedding price tag.
  4. Get second and third vendor quotes.
  5. Sweat those nerves right out of your system.
  6. Remember that this is just one day.

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Consequently, do you really need a wedding coordinator?

The short answer is YES. I highly, highly recommend getting a day of wedding coordinator, who many times can be considered a month-of, since you will work with them approximately 3-6 weeks before your wedding date to finalize your wedding timeline, confirm with vendors, etc.

Additionally, how do you become a wedding coordinator?

  1. Wedding Coordinator Career Info. Education.
  2. Step 1: Attend a Training Program. Becoming a wedding coordinator doesn't require a college degree or specialized training.
  3. Step 2: Develop a Business Plan and Obtain Licensing.
  4. Step 3: Join a Professional Organization.
  5. Step 4: Consider Certification.
  6. Step 5: Continue Education.

Beside above, what is the role of wedding coordinator?

Also known as a wedding planner, the coordinator maintains contact with all vendors during the planning period and acts as a liaison between the bride and groom and the various wedding participants. The planner may also offer consultative advice and help with the budget.

How do I decide what kind of wedding I want?

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Theme

  1. These questions will help you decide on the kind of wedding that you and your partner want. If you both are laid-back and do not want a glamorous reception, why not have a casual pot-luck party in your backyard instead?
  2. The venue.
  3. Your favorite colors.
  4. Consider the season.
  5. Look into your roots.
  6. Be true to yourself.

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