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How do I open the stable doors in Witcher 3?

Open the main gate to the stables
At the bottom, quickly open every horse pen, then wind your way around the burning debris until you reach the large stable door in the direction of the objective marker. Open it to continue. Outside, you'll be confronted by the baron.

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Also question is, how do I save the man in the stable Witcher 3?

Climb down the ladder into the barn proper to find the scared stablehand and the horses. He'll say that the roof has caved in and he can't open the stable door. Head to the main stables door and open it to save the man and his horses.

Furthermore, how do I start blindingly obvious? Blindingly Obvious

  1. Go to the bathhouse with Triss. Follow Triss through the city until you reach the bathhouse.
  2. Look for Philippa in the bathhouse. On your arrival, head inside immediately.
  3. Catch Philippa Eilhart. Head along the corridor, passed Dijkstra, and take a left through the door leading into the bathhouse's main chamber.

In this regard, how do you open the door on Philippas?

Look to the right of the door using your witcher senses, and you'll see the place where you can place the recently received tile, to open the door. As you enter, you'll see another open portal on your left. Enter this portal.

Should I kill the Botchling Witcher 3?

The botchling will start to freak out in the Baron's arms and only casting Axii will stop it from going feral. If you don't cast the Axii sign in time, the Botchling will turn nasty and you'll have no choice but to kill it.

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