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How do I move to albinen Switzerland?

To be eligible, new residents must be under 45 years old, sign up to live in Albinen for a minimum of 10 years, buy or build a property there with a minimum value of CHF200,000 (£150,000), and be a Swiss citizen or have a valid Swiss C permit. Their house there must be a primary residence, rather than a second home.

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Also asked, will Switzerland pay you to live there?

A village in Switzerland will literally pay you to live there. Fewer than half of the village's residents (100 of the 248 who live there) voted on the referendum. About 71 approved the vote, which will pay adults $25,000 each and children $10,000.

Also, how can I move to Switzerland? The first two things Americans need to enter Switzerland is a valid US green card and passport, which allow for up to a three-month stay in the country. Those planning on staying longer than three months need to obtain a residence permit or "Ausländerausweis" as it's called in German.

Simply so, how can I live in Switzerland permanently?

Swiss Permanent Residency and Citizenship After you have lived in Switzerland for 10 continuous years, you will be eligible to apply for a Swiss Permanent Residence Permit (C Permit). After 12 years of permanent residence, you can apply to become naturalised as a Swiss Citizen.

What is it like to live in Switzerland?

Higher standard of living: Swiss cities, houses and food are all top quality. Crime is very low, so you'd feel pretty safe roaming around in the middle of night all alone. There're no beggars on street, and every body around you looks very well off, it's surreal. Higher pay and lower taxes: Swiss wages are pretty high.

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