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How do I maximize my cupboard space?

Ten easy ways to make more room for your wardrobe.

  1. Throw Out Clothes That Don't Fit.
  2. Remove the Clutter.
  3. Remember the Floor Space.
  4. Add Lighting.
  5. Make Use of the Upper Shelf.
  6. Hang a Mirror or Two.
  7. Paint It a Lighter Color.
  8. Don't Count Out Corners.

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Furthermore, how do I maximize my cabinet space?

9 Ways to Squeeze More Storage Out of Your Tiny Kitchen

  1. Add a shelf to maximize the space above your cabinets.
  2. Take advantage of open wall space.
  3. Magnetic knife strips are good for storing a lot more than just knives.
  4. Add another shelf inside cabinets.
  5. Hang things on the open side of a cabinet.
  6. Utilize the inside of cabinet doors.

Also Know, how do you get the most small space in a closet? Instead of cutting your wardrobe in half, use these fifteen small closet ideas to create twice as much space as you had before.

  1. 1 Get a Clothing Rack.
  2. 2 Add Storage Under Clothes.
  3. 3 Utilize Modular Shelving.
  4. 4 Install Sliding Doors.
  5. 5 Get Shelf Dividers.
  6. 6 Purge You Closet.
  7. 7 Call On Wicker Baskets.
  8. 8 Hang Accessories.

Similarly, it is asked, how do I maximize pantry space?

Here are some ways to make the most of your teeny-tiny pantry space.

  1. Adjust your shelves.
  2. Use bins to your advantage.
  3. Add a light.
  4. Think in a U-shape.
  5. Work in levels.
  6. Use the back of the door.
  7. Don't let any wall space go to waste.
  8. Install pull-out shelves and drawers.

What is the best way to organize your kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Keep Tupperware lids in their own box. Organizing Made Fun.
  2. Put things you use every day in the most accessible cabinets. Paige Smith.
  3. Hang hooks or a corkboard on the inside of a cabinet door to maximize space.
  4. Put shelf risers in your cabinets.
  5. Store spices on a Lazy Susan.

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