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How do I make a free UpToDate account?

To create your UpToDate Anywhere account, follow the stepsbelow.
  1. Go to the RUMC Library's homepage.
  2. Click the UpToDate link in the green Quick Linksbox.
  3. Enter your Rush username and password. .
  4. Click Register Now.
  5. Fill out the registration form and click SubmitRegistration.

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Correspondingly, is UpToDate app free?

Individual subscribers and registered UpToDateAnywhere users may install the UpToDate Mobile Appson up to two devices free of charge. UpToDate MobileApps are available in most countries.

how do I use UpToDate offline? On the Stanford network, Go to UpToDate, click“Register.” Download the app, sign in with a good WiFiconnection, and download content. Click Offline Content onthe home screen in the UptoDate mobile app.

Secondly, how much does a subscription to up to date cost?

Full access to the service requires asubscription, which cost US$519 per year as of 2019for a physician in the United States.

How do you pay for UpToDate?

UpToDate offers three methods of payment.

  1. 1.) Pay by credit card. For fastest service, place your orderusing your credit card online.
  2. 2.) Pay by check. Both personal and business checks areaccepted.
  3. 3.) Pay by wire transfer.

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