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How do I know if my cam phasers are bad?

If you are trying to figure out what the engine rattle or engine noise on your Ford F1 50 truck is, if you listen carefully and locate the sound, and you find that it is coming from the top of the engine, it is most likely cam phaser failure. You can hear the sound of a bad cam phaser in this video.

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Thereof, what happens when cam phasers go bad?

Really far gone cam phasers can destroy a VCT, causing the timing of the engine to be so far gone it doesn't even idle (or start) once it gets warm and the system goes out of "warmup" mode, so watch out for changing a potentially bad VCT and not changing the associated cam phaser.

Likewise, how much does it cost to replace Cam phasers? $550 and $850. I am having the work actually done in two weeks. It appears that if you take an F150 in and just let the dealership have their way with you, they will charge $1500 - $2500 to "fix" the problem. If you specifically ask to have a cam phaser replaced, it is much cheaper.

do cam phasers need to be replaced?

Replacement of the phasers alone is not the correct repair, all of the cam followers are to be replaced as well. If the phasers were replaced improperly then it could possibly cause engine damage, but it also would not run right once repair was completed.

What are cam phasers?

A "cam phaser" is just an adjustable camshaft sprocket that can be turned by means of a computer-controled servo. Rather than just setting a certain amount of advance or retard, the computer can advance the cam or cams at low rpm to enhance driveability, and retard the cam or cams at high rpm for more horsepower.

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