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How do I keep tree roots away from my foundation?

Trimming/cutting tree roots to prevent them from growing toward the foundation. Avoid planting shrubs or trees near the foundation. Plant the right trees in your yard (those with non-invasive root system). Avoid planting trees that require a lot of water or those with roots that grow horizontally, ex: oak tree roots.

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Herein, how can I protect my foundation from tree roots?

To remedy the situation, use the same steps you used while safeguarding your foundation:

  1. Install root barriers before the roots reach the concrete.
  2. Cut the roots and dam them with root barriers to prevent further growth.
  3. Cut down the tree and remove the root system so you can make a smooth, level surface again.

Additionally, can tree roots break through concrete? Trees roots can grow into a house foundation and cause damage.” It's not the strength of the tree root, or its ability to penetrate a poured concrete or concrete block foundation that potentially can cause a problem, because the force of a tree root in and of itself is not capable of performing such a feat.

Likewise, can tree roots damage my foundation?

To be fair, tree roots themselves are not the direct cause of foundation damage, though many homeowners believe they are. Instead, the changes in the condition of the soil are what actually cause most of the damage to home foundations. This most often manifests itself in the form of concrete settling.

How deep do a tree's roots go?

Under ideal soil and moisture conditions, roots have been observed to grow to more than 20 feet (6 meters) deep. Early studies of tree roots from the 1930s, often working in easy-to-dig loess soils, presented an image of trees with deep roots and root architecture that mimicked the structure of the top of the tree.

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