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How do I keep the rain off my patio?

But you can keep most of it out by doing a little weatherproofing.
  1. Installing an extendable overhang is perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep massive amounts of rain out of your screened porch.
  2. Use storm windows for your screened-in porch.
  3. Install a drain in the floor of the porch.

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In this way, how do I keep water off my porch?

3 Effective Ways to Prevent Standing Water on Your Porch/Patio

  1. Install a Channel Drain. Channel drains provide one of the most effective solutions, and, they're among the most economical alternatives.
  2. Insert Catch Basins. Catch basins are effective in collecting surface water from your patio, driveway, or lawn.
  3. Dig French Drains.

Furthermore, how do you keep rain from getting on your balcony? How to Prevent Rain Water from Entering your Balcony

  1. Install Outdoor Blinds. Outdoor blinds can be in the form of transparent PVC(or polyvinyl chloride), Wood look-alike PVC blinds or mesh fabric blinds (also called rain curtains or rain screens).
  2. Install Sliding Glass Shutters.
  3. Install a Roof Cover.
  4. Install a Retractable Awning.
  5. Use Bamboo Chik Blinds.

Likewise, people ask, how do I stop rain water on my balcony?

There are many ways you can keep your balcony dry. Retractable awnings, light lean-to structures, and full-roof covers can shield your outdoor space from downpours. Hanging outdoor blinds around your balcony will prevent the wind from blowing water sideways onto your balcony.

How do I stop rain from coming into my windows?

  1. Close your windows.
  2. Clear debris from the tracks of your sliding windows and sliding patio doors.
  3. Clear the “weep holes” in the frame of sliding windows.
  4. Replace old, cracked caulk with new, polyurethane caulk.
  5. Notice if the window has warped or if your house has settled.
  6. Replace cracked glass.

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