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How do I Harden Apache server?

Harden, Audit and Monitor your Apache Server
  1. Updating Your Apache.
  2. Turn on the Logs.
  3. Endeavor to Get an SSL Certificate.
  4. You can Add a Firewall to Boost Security.
  5. Install the mod_evasive.
  6. Setting the HTTP Limits Also Boosts Apache Security.
  7. Unused Modules Need to be Deleted.
  8. Make Changes to the Default Group and User.

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Simply so, how do I Harden Apache Web server?

10 Best Practices To Secure and Harden Your Apache Web Server

  1. 2Run as separate User & Group.
  2. 3Disable Signature.
  3. 4Disable Banner.
  4. 5Restrict Access to a Specific Network or IP.
  5. 6Use only TLS 1.2, Disable SSLv2, SSLv3.
  6. 7Disable Directory Listing.
  7. 8Remove unnecessary DSO Modules.
  8. 9Disable Null and Weak Ciphers.

Also, how do I protect my Apache server?

  1. How to hide Apache Version and OS Identity from Errors.
  2. Disable Directory Listing.
  3. Keep updating Apache Regularly.
  4. Disable Unnecessary Modules.
  5. Run Apache as separate User and Group.
  6. Use Allow and Deny to Restrict access to Directories.
  7. Use mod_security and mod_evasive Modules to Secure Apache.

In respect to this, how do I harden my server?

Here we look at 5 ways you can carry out simple hardening of your servers.

  1. Keep Your Servers' Operating Systems Updated.
  2. Enforce The Use Of Strong Passwords.
  3. Update or Remove Third Party Software.
  4. Leverage Local Protection Mechanisms – Fire-walling & Anti-Virus.
  5. Advanced Configuration Hardening.

What is the use of Apache server?

Apache is an open-source and free web server software that powers around 46% of websites around the world. The official name is Apache HTTP Server, and it's maintained and developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It allows website owners to serve content on the web — hence the name “web server”.

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