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How do I Harden a Web server?

Web server hardening best practices
  1. Disable the signature.
  2. Log server access.
  3. Disable the HTTP Trace and Track requests.
  4. Create non-root users.
  5. Restrict IP access.
  6. Disable SSLv2 and SSLv3.
  7. Disable directory listing.
  8. Eliminate unused modules.

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Similarly, what does it mean to harden a server?

Server Hardening is the process of enhancing server security through a variety of means which results in a much more secure server operating environment. This is due to the advanced security measures that are put in place during the server hardening process.

Additionally, how do you harden an operating system? Six OS Hardening Tips

  1. Programs clean-up – Remove unnecessary programs.
  2. Use of service packs – Keep up-to-date and install the latest versions.
  3. Patches and patch management – Planning, testing, implementing and auditing patch management software should be part of a regular security regimen.

Furthermore, how do I Harden Apache server?

Harden, Audit and Monitor your Apache Server

  1. Updating Your Apache.
  2. Turn on the Logs.
  3. Endeavor to Get an SSL Certificate.
  4. You can Add a Firewall to Boost Security.
  5. Install the mod_evasive.
  6. Setting the HTTP Limits Also Boosts Apache Security.
  7. Unused Modules Need to be Deleted.
  8. Make Changes to the Default Group and User.

What are the steps you took to harden the Internet Explorer browser?

List some best practices for hardening Internet Explorer. Change security from medium to high, Disable running ActiveX controls and plug-ins, Adding trusted sites that you know are safe, and overriding automatic cookie handling.

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