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How do I get to Seychelles from Praslin Island?

Getting There: Jumping between islands in the Seychelles is pretty easy– you can choose from ferries or flights. There are speed ferries that run between the main island, Mahé, and Praslin (with onward connections to La Digue), that take about 50 minutes.

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In this way, how do I get to Praslin from Mahe?

Mahe to Praslin. Getting from Mahe to Praslin is quick and easy aboard a Cat Cocos high-speed catamaran – Isle of Mahe or Isle of Praslin. In just 60 minutes you'll be transported from Mahe's Victoria quayside to the Baie Sainte Anne jetty on Praslin.

Subsequently, question is, how far is Praslin Island from Mahe? 47 km

Also Know, how much is the ferry from Mahe to Praslin?

The price for Mahe - Praslin is 50 € for adults (one-way) in the main cabin. Children 02-12 years old only pay 25 € (one-way). The price for Mahe - La Digue is 60 € for adults (one-way) in the main cabin. Children 02-12 years old only pay 30 € (one-way).

What country is Praslin in?


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