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How do I get my AWS certificate?

Sign in to the AWS Training and Certification Portal at Click "Certification" on the top menu bar. Click the "AWS Certification Account" button. On the top navigation bar, click "Achieved Certifications." You should then be able to view all of your certifications and certificates.

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Likewise, people ask, how do I download my AWS certificate?

Download your AWS Certification Digital Badge or E-Certificate

  1. Log in to your AWS Certification Account.
  3. Click the 'Digital Badge' tab on top navigation bar.
  4. Click on the badge that they will like to share under ACTIVE BADGES.
  5. Click on LINK ICON next to SHARE THIS BADGE at the bottom on pop-up.
  6. Copy the URL and share with employer.

Also, how long it takes to get AWS certification? AWS Developer Similar to the AWS Solutions Architect, the certification path starts with a three-days training called “Developing on AWS” and is followed by a four-hours exam preparation. The Associate level of the “AWS Certified Developer” is reached after an 80-minutes exam.

Just so, how much does it cost to get AWS certified?

AWS Certification Costs Associate Level AWS Certification Exams cost USD $150, and the Professional Level exams cost USD $300. Specialty exams also cost USD $300. To start your path to certification, explore our up-to-date content and hands-on labs for all AWS certifications here.

Does AWS require coding?

There is no programming knowledge needed and no prior AWS experience needed. The answer is NO. Amazon Web Services technology is not only easy to learn in cloud computing but also faster to implement. AWS certification course is accessible for both corporates and individuals.

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