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How do I get a Ralphs card?

To get a Ralphs card, you must visit your local Ralphs and sign up in store. After you confirm your online account by clicking on the link in your email, return to and click on 'my account' (you may have to sign in again first). Link your card to your organization by clicking on: Community Rewards.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is a Ralphs card?

Ralphs rewards. Your Ralphs rewards Card is still one of the most valuable cards in your wallet. You can save every week with Ralphs great advertised specials and digital coupons. You can also receive unique offers mailed to you. And those fuel points really add up!

Additionally, do you need a membership for Ralphs? Ralphs: You need a Ralphs rewards card to get store savings and special promotions. Sign up for one at any register. (And after you enroll, your phone number works when you don't have the card.)

Herein, what is my Ralphs card number?

Rewards Card or Alt ID Add your 12 or 13-digit Rewards Card number found on the back of your current card, or enter your 10-digit Alt ID number used at checkout in-store. Email me personalized offers, and hundreds of dollars in savings!

How does the Ralphs fuel program work?

Through the new program, Ralphs' customers can redeem 1,000 fuel points on their Ralphs Rewards Card to earn $1 off a gallon of fuel. Fuel savings are limited to a single purchase of 35 gallons of fuel. Customers earn one point for every $1 spent on eligible grocery purchases.

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