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How do I get a call history off my messenger?

From Home, tap your profile picture in thetop right corner. Tap People. Tap Continuous Call and SMSMatching to turn this setting on or off.

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In this regard, can I see call history on messenger?

The messenger app has a lot of functions thatincludes simple phone calls and video calls. Thecall history of the app usually shows up in the main tab,but if it doesn't show up, you need to update your phone and thencheck again. To check your Facebook messenger callhistory, the method is very easy.

One may also ask, can I disable Facebook Messenger calls? You can only disable voice/videocalling on the browser version of the FacebookMessenger, you can't disable it on theFacebook Messenger App. Even if you have these settings setfor the browser you can't turn off video and voicecalls in the Messenger Mobile app, you canonly decline them.

Beside this, how do you delete call history on messenger?

To do this, delete the conversation. Todelete voice or video call from your call historyin Messenger: From Chats, swipe left on the call youwant to delete. Tap Delete > DeleteConversation.

Is there a way to track Facebook calls?

There is no option of call extension inFacebook ad like Google Adwords has. But you cantrack all phone calls with Facebook ads andthese calls can be inserted into database like you do forsign up. You can also tag your phone number like you do for URLs(utm parameters). All you need is virtual numbersolution.

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