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How do I find nameservers on GoDaddy hosting?

What you should really set your Nameservers to
  1. Login to your Godaddy hosting account.
  2. Go to Domain Manager -> DNS Manager.
  3. Click Edit Zone underneath the Domain Name you wish to host at Godaddy.
  4. The nameservers are listed under the NS (Nameserver) section.

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Then, how do I point my GoDaddy domain to my server?

Available with all accounts.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Click Web Hosting.
  3. Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Manage.
  4. From the More menu, select Hosted Domains.
  5. Click Add Domain.
  6. Enter the domain name in the Domain field.

One may also ask, what is GoDaddy host name? GoDaddy Web Hosting With cPanel accounts, the hostname for your database is always 'localhost'. You should be able to use that in any of your connection strings for the databases set up on your cPanel account.

Similarly, how do I find my nameservers for a domain?

2. Use WHOIS Lookup Tool to Find Current Nameservers

  1. Type “.tld WHOIS lookup” on Google (e.g., .xyz WHOIS lookup).
  2. From there, choose your preferred tool.
  3. Insert your website domain and hit the WHOIS lookup button.
  4. After completing reCAPTCHA, find your domain nameservers from the WHOIS search page.

How do I find my GoDaddy hosting IP address?

You can find your IP address in your Hosting Control Center.

Find my website's IP address

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and open your product. (Need help opening your product?)
  2. Scroll down to the Server Details section on the left side of the page.
  3. Your IP address displays in the IP Address field.

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