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How do I find my VCAA student number?

The VCAA Student Number is printed on exam papers and is used by VTAC as a linkage key when calculating an ATAR. To obtain your VCAA Student Number please contact your school.

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Also, how can I get my student number?

Note: The terms Student ID, Colleague ID, and Datatel ID all mean the same thing.

  1. Your Student ID number is printed on the front of your student ID card. If you have a Coyote Card (see Figure 1 below), your Student ID appears below your picture.
  2. You can find your Student ID in your WebAdvisor profile.

Also, how do I find my ATAR score online? To view your results online, log on to using the instructions provided there. Note: The Results and ATAR service log in details are different from your VTAC ID and PIN. VCE students can access their ATAR in the VTAC account.

Hereof, what is my Victorian student number?

The Victorian Student Number (VSN) is a nine-digit student identification number that will be assigned by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to all students in government and non-government schools, and students up to the age of 25 in Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions.

What is a results service password?

Your results service password is the secure password that you chose when registering for the Results and ATAR service. Registration has been open since Monday, August 6. If you didn't register before results were released, you still need to register before you will be able to access your results.

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