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How do I find my Ptcb scores?

Official score reports are generally available online approximately one to three weeks following a candidate's exam. * At the request of a candidate, examination results or scores can be emailed to the candidate's email address currently on file with PTCB.

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Herein, how long does it take to get Ptcb results?

three weeks

Similarly, what happens after you pass the Ptcb? After the PTCB Exam Passing candidates will be able to download and print their certificate, and will also receive a certificate printed on file paper and a wallet card in an additional 1 – 2 weeks. Candidates are allowed four attempts to pass the PTCE. Candidates must apply and pay for each attempt.

In this way, what is the pass rate for the Ptcb?

CPhT Statistics and Data

Exam Date Exams Administrated Pass Rate
2016 Exams 53,353 58%
2017 Exams 52,324 58%
2018 Exams 48,862 57%
2019 Exams 51,768 58%

How do I print my Ptcb certificate?

You may access your certificate by logging into your account and clicking 'Print Certificate' under Manage My CPhT Certification or Manage My CSPT Certification section.

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