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How do I find my DStv smart card number?

DStv. By the way did you know that you could get your DStv smartcard number by simply pressing the OK button on your DStv remote, then selecting the Information Central Option using the OK Button. Your Smart Card number is the 10 digit number on the far right on the Smartcard row.

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Correspondingly, how do I find my smart card number?

Your smart card is fitted into a thin horizontal slot behind the Sky cover on the front right-hand side of your box. Remove the card and on the back it contains a number starting with either '0000', '01' or '02' followed by eight digits. The eight digits is the smart card number.

Additionally, what is a DStv smart card number? A smartcard is a unique chipped card that exists in your DStv decoder. This card is linked to your decoder and your customer number that was created with MultiChoice when you initiated your DStv subscription. Your smartcard number is on the reverse of your smartcard, underneath the barcode.

Considering this, how do I find my DStv decoder number?

To Find your Decoder Serial Number:

  1. Locate your DSTV decoder, which is usually found next to or around the television you are viewing from.
  2. Look at the underside of the decoder.
  3. Locate the serial number, this is not the manufacturing serial number.

How do I change my DStv smart card number?

Confirm that your account details are correct, and tap on the “Link DStv Smartcard” button. You will see your package and device information. If everything is correct, change the Smartcard name and tap “Link”. A confirmation message will let you know that it is linked.

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