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How do I export an ALM file to Excel?

Note: If you only want to work with data displayed in item list windows, it is easier to open items in Excel from Helix ALM and save the data in a new worksheet. In the Helix ALM Client, select the items in the list window to export from and choose Activities > Open in Excel. See the Helix ALM help for information.

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In this manner, can we export test cases from ALM to excel?

HP ALM Test Case Export Utility provides simple solution to export your test cases into excel format. You can choose to export a particular test case or group of test cases under a test case folder or multiple test cases or multiple test case folders from 'Test Plan' module.

how do I export a test from rally to excel? These steps do export via the Excel Add-in using the Test Steps type without a problem. And then, in your Test Cases, ensure that you don't have your steps just typed out in the "Validation Input" and "Validation Expected Results" fields. These field export via the Excel Add-in using the Test Cases type.

Keeping this in view, how do I download test cases with design steps to Excel from HP ALM?

  1. Login to HP ALM.
  2. Go to Test Plan Tab.
  3. Select the Folder/ Test Plan.
  4. Click on Analysis.
  5. Click on Project Report.
  6. Select Tests with Design Steps.

How do I get a test execution report in ALM?

Analysis View

  1. Entity Graph: ALM enables users to generate graphs based on certain entity type such as requirements, tests, test instances, test runs or defects.
  2. Step 1) Navigate to 'Dashboard' Tab.
  3. Step 2) Let us generate 'Entity Graph'.
  4. Step 3) The "Select Entity Type" Dialog is displayed to the user.

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