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How do I dress like Monica from Friends?

A stylized letter F. When she wasn't wearing her chef uniforms, Monica Geller from "Friends" wore a lot of different outfits. From monochromatic, casual outfits to colorful dresses, Monica's style is quite timeless. Some of Monica's most memorable outfits included sweaters, heeled boots, or slim-fit jeans.

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Considering this, how do you dress like Monica Geller?

10 Monica Geller Outfits That Made Us Fall In Love With 90s Fashion

  1. The one with the straight-leg jeans.
  2. The one with the floral vintage skirt.
  3. The one with the black and white pinstriped pants.
  4. The one with denim on denim.
  5. The one with flannel, jeans and Converse.
  6. The one with an oversized knit sweater.

Additionally, what is Rachel Green's style? Early '90s Rachel Green, aside from being a comedic genius and our first glimpse into early nouveau pop culture feminism, was an undeniable fashion icon. On top of, you know, creating one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time, Rachel was an indomitable style muse—preppy, sexy and 100% covetable.

Similarly, how do I dress like Ross from Friends?

Ross wears very conservative clothes so a plain white undershirt keeps peeking out from his polo shirt. Buy a button-down dress shirt that's two sizes too large on you as Ross likes his clothes loose-fitting. Even Ross' denim pants are baggy so make sure you buy a classic fit one that's slightly light washed.

Who was the stylist for friends?

Debra McGuire

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