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How do I connect my powered speakers to my receiver?


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Subsequently, one may also ask, can I connect a powered speaker to receiver?

As Audioengine powered speakers include built-in power amplifiers, connecting the speaker terminals from the speakers directly to the speaker outputs of a stereo receiver or power amplifier will cause damage.

how do I hook up studio monitors to my receiver? Methods for Connecting Studio Monitors to a Receiver

  1. Connect the studio monitors using RCAs from the pre-outs on the receiver.
  2. If your receiver does not have pre-outs, then you can use a speaker level to line level converter.
  3. Connect the studio monitors using XLR outputs on a receiver.

Also asked, how do I connect my bookshelf speakers to my receiver?

Use banana plugs or spades to connect your speakers to your receiver. If your speakers only have two-way binding posts in the back, make sure to correctly insert the copper wiring connected to both terminals. Don t connect the positive terminal of the receiver to the negative terminal of the speaker and vise versa.

Can you use powered speakers with an amplifier?

The only way a powered speaker can be fed from an amp is at line level which is the same level as is Going INTO the amp, never the speaker outputs- they have too much power and voltage for the powered speaker inputs as well as wrong impedance.

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