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How do I clean my Husqvarna riding mower deck?

How to clean the cutting deck on a 400 series Husqvarna Rider
  1. Hose off the housing and top of the cutting deck. Hose off the top of the cutting deck of your 400 series rider removing any dirt or grass clippings.
  2. Move cutting deck into the service position.
  3. Hose the underside of the cutting deck.

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Simply so, how do you clean a mower deck?

Take a garden hose and spray the deck at full blast. This will loosen some of the dirt and caked-on grass clippings. Scrub off the rest of the soil, using a brush, soap, and hot water. Rinse, then dry the metal deck of your mower.

One may also ask, how does mower deck wash work? A riding mower with a deck washing system allows you to clean the deck's underside easily without bending or kneeling next to it and trying to direct water to the entire underside with limited vision of that area.

Thereof, how do I clean my Husqvarna?

It is recommended to clean it using a brush, spraying with water, or use a damp cloth. Never use running water, high-pressure washer, or solvent, when cleaning your Husqvarna Automower®. Use a dishwashing brush to remove clippings from the skid plate, wheels, body etc.

What do I spray under my mower deck?

Apply a lubricant. Graphite, silicone, or Teflon sprays are all sold as lawn mower deck sprays (although the all-purpose product probably works just as well). Cover the entire underside of a clean, dry deck, then let dry as directed on label instructions. The effect is similar to cooking spray, but should last longer.

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