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How do I check my network load balancer?

To test network load balancing, connect a browser to the cluster IP address, for example: Refresh the screen multiple times. If the cluster is operating successfully, web pages from different machines in the cluster appear after each refresh.

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Besides, what is network load balancer and how it works?

The Network Load Balancing (NLB) feature distributes traffic across several servers by using the TCP/IP networking protocol. By combining two or more computers that are running applications into a single virtual cluster, NLB provides reliability and performance for web servers and other mission-critical servers.

how do I find my AWS load balancer? Resolution

  1. Open the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) console.
  2. Under Load Balancing, choose Load Balancers from the navigation pane.
  3. Select the load balancer that you're finding IP addresses for.
  4. On the Description tab, copy the Name.
  5. Under Network & Security, choose Network Interfaces from the navigation pane.

In this way, when should you use a network load balancer?

Best use cases for Network Load Balancer:

  1. When you need to seamlessly support spiky or high-volume inbound TCP requests.
  2. When you need to support a static or elastic IP address.
  3. If you are using container services and/or want to support more than one port on an EC2 instance.

How do I create a network load balancer?

To create a Network Load Balancer

  1. On the navigation bar, choose a region for your load balancer. Be sure to choose the same region that you used for your EC2 instances.
  2. In the navigation pane, under LOAD BALANCING, choose Load Balancers.
  3. Choose Create Load Balancer.
  4. For Network Load Balancer, choose Create.

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