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How do I cancel my subscription to swag?

If you ever need to close yoursubscription, you can cancel anytime by emailing usat [email protected] Cancellation requests must bereceived by the 15th calendar day of the month priorto our next delivery.

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Simply so, how do I unsubscribe from single swag?

To cancel your subscription from our website, login toyour account at Clickthe Edit button below your subscription, then click the Cancelbutton on the next page. Follow the prompts to complete yourcancellation.

One may also ask, how do I cancel my trial? If you don't cancel your trial subscription, the systemwill automatically bill you for the monthly or yearly subscriptionchosen when you started the trial.

  1. Go to your Subscription & Billing tab on your Accountpage.
  2. Click Manage your subscription.
  3. Click Cancel.
  4. Click Confirm Cancellation.

Accordingly, how do I cancel my subscription to Photomyne?

Then tap the profile icon on the top-right.

  1. 02 Next, look for the Manage Subscriptions list item. Tap thatto continue.
  2. 03 Look for the Photomyne subscription on the list and tap itto edit. You will have an option to Cancel subscription.
  3. Subscription cancellation on an Android device.

How do I cancel my subscription to calm app?

  1. Tap "More" in the bottom right corner of your Calm app.
  2. Choose "Settings" from the More menu.
  3. Select "Manage Subscription" and follow the instructions herefor canceling your subscription.

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