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How do I calculate how much welding rod I need?

1) Calculate the weld area (cross section of the weld) including root and cap reinforcement in square millimetres. 2) Multiply weld area by pipe circumference (weld length) to give a weld volume in cubic millimetres. 3) Divide this answer by 1,000,000,000 to give weld volume in cubic metres.

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In this manner, how is welding consumption calculated?

1 Calculating Filler Metal Consumption The number of pounds of welding electrodes or welding wire necessary to complete a given weld joint may be calculated by the formula: P = WL E Where: P = Pounds of electrode or wire required W = Weight per foot of weld metal L = Length of weld (feet) E = Deposition efficiency

how many amps does it take to weld a 1/4 inch steel? For example, to MIG-weld 18-gauge steel in a single pass takes roughly 70 amps. Welding 1/4-inch steel in a single pass requires roughly 180 amps.

Accordingly, how do you calculate welding time?

EXAMPLE 1) Welding Time = Wt/Ft of Weld x Ft of Weld Deposition Rate x Operating Factor Substituting the values in Example 1: . 814 x 1,280 5.36 x . 30 = 1,042 1.608 = 648 Hrs.

How do you calculate welding thickness?

The size of fillet weld height approximately specifies the = 0.7 formula, where z is the fillet weld width. Minimum fillet weld height is selected according to the thickness of the thicker welded part and according to the material.

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