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How do I become a Portland police officer?

Portland Police Officer Requirements
At a minimum, candidates must: Be 21 years old. Have a high school diploma or GED. Have 60 credit hours of college coursework, or have served two years of active military duty, or have worked for two years in law enforcement for another agency.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how long does it take to become a police officer in Oregon?

An associate's degree or at least 60 semester hours (90 quarter hours) from an accredited college or university. Two years of continuous service in any law enforcement agency within the state of Oregon. Two years of service as a reserve police officer or police cadet.

Also Know, how much do cops make in Portland? The average Police Officer salary in Portland, OR is $58,600 as of December 26, 2019, but the range typically falls between $54,700 and $63,800.

Simply so, how long is the Portland Police Academy?

Oregon's Basic Police Academy is located in Salem, Oregon, and is 16-weeks in length (400 hours). You are given a dorm room but are not required to stay there during the week or weekends.

How do I become a police officer in Oregon?

9 Steps to Become a State Trooper in Oregon:

  1. Meet the Basic Qualifications.
  2. Submit your Application.
  3. Pass Physical and Written Tests.
  4. Oral Board Interview and Psychological Test.
  5. Background Check.
  6. Medical and Psychological Examinations and Updated Record Check.
  7. Command-Level Interview.
  8. Attend Pre-Academy Training.

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