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How do I backup my swarm Docker?

Back up the swarm
  1. If the swarm has auto-lock enabled, you need the unlock key to restore the swarm from backup.
  2. Stop Docker on the manager before backing up the data, so that no data is being changed during the backup.
  3. Back up the entire /var/lib/docker/swarm directory.
  4. Restart the manager.

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Consequently, how do I backup a docker container?

To backup a data volume you can run a new container using the volume you want to backup and executing the tar command to produce an archive of the volume content as described in the docker user guide. In your particular case, the data volume is used to store the data for a MySQL server.

Similarly, how do I stop a docker Swarm? Run the docker swarm leave command on a node to remove it from the swarm. For example to leave the swarm on a worker node: $ docker swarm leave Node left the swarm. When a node leaves the swarm, the Docker Engine stops running in swarm mode.

Consequently, how does Docker swarm work?

A swarm consists of multiple Docker hosts which run in swarm mode and act as managers (to manage membership and delegation) and workers (which run swarm services). Docker works to maintain that desired state. For instance, if a worker node becomes unavailable, Docker schedules that node's tasks on other nodes.

What is the operational model used by Docker swarm for managing a cluster?

Current versions of Docker include swarm mode for natively managing a cluster of Docker Engines called a swarm. Use the Docker CLI to create a swarm, deploy application services to a swarm, and manage swarm behavior.

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