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How do I adjust the height on my Miele dishwasher?

Insert the T20 Torx screwdriver into the slot in the dishwasher leg. Turn the screwdriver clockwise to raise the dishwasher, or counter-clockwise to lower the dishwasher. Ten turns are equal to 1 mm of height adjustment. Repeat on the other back leg to achieve the desired position.

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Thereof, how do I adjust the height of my dishwasher?

Open the dishwasher's front door and hold a level against the tub's top. Use your other hand to turn the feet on the front of the dishwasher, adjusting its height until its mounting brackets touch the underside of the counter and the machine sits level.

Beside above, how do you lift a dishwasher? In most cases, you'll need a wrench to loosen up those front feet. To loosen up the rear adjustable feet, have a helper grab the unit on the top and tilt it forward a bit so that the back side of the unit is lifted slightly in the air. Then, lie down on the floor and reach the back of the dishwasher with your hands.

what is the minimum height for a dishwasher?

Standard Dishwashers The vast majority of undercounter dishwashers measure approximately 24 inches in width, 24 inches in depth and 35 inches in height with adjustable feet. This means that the rough opening in your cabinets must be 24- by 24- by 35-inch.

Do all dishwashers have adjustable feet?

Fortunately, all dishwashers are equipped with two adjustable legs on the front of the machine. Raising the leg on the left will raise the left side of the machine, while raising the right leg will lift the right side during leveling.

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