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How do I add a subway Rewards card to my account?

To redeem a Reward in restaurant, you must identify yourself as a Subway MyWay® Rewards member by scanning your digital card in the Subway® App or swiping a Card before completing your purchase. You can choose whether you want to apply the Reward (if available) to your current purchase or not.

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Also to know is, how do I add a card to my subway account?

Each customer may maintain only one Subway® account. Once you have created a Subway® account and registered a Subway® Card, you may add other Subway® Cards by logging into your account HERE or the Subway® App. By creating a Subway® account, you will automatically be enrolled in the new Subway MyWay® Rewards Program.

Furthermore, how does subway my rewards work? Call them points, if that helps. Here's how the tokens system works: For every dollar customers spend at Subway they earn 4 tokens. Reach 200 tokens and receive $2.00 in Subway credit.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how do I add points to my subway card?

You can still claim Subcard® points You just need your IOU receipt! Then enter the code at the bottom of your IOU receipt and claim your missing points. Please be aware points can only be claimed 48 hours after the transaction has been made.

How do I add Subway rewards with receipt?

You can request missing transactions/points by clicking on Rewards Points, account history, then use the “retrieve points” link to request points OR call the CARE Center at 800-991-8708. Hi!

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