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How do I accept all incoming changes in git?

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  1. git rebase repo.
  2. right click file with conflicts without left-click / opening file in editor pane.
  3. click "Accept all Incoming" / "Accept all Current"
  4. no changes are accepted, file in list remains unchanged.

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Besides, how do I accept all incoming changes in Vscode?

2 Answers. Its very easy just go to vs code and press Ctrl + shift + p (command palette) or go to view and open command palette manually and type "merge" in your command palette, now you can see the Accept all current changes.

Similarly, when using Git what is a merge conflict and how do you handle it? Git can handle most merges on its own with automatic merging features. A conflict arises when two separate branches have made edits to the same line in a file, or when a file has been deleted in one branch but edited in the other. Conflicts will most likely happen when working in a team environment.

Beside above, how do I ignore merge conflicts?

Well, you cannnot ignore conflicts, because that means that something is wrong, and you have to tell Git that you fixed the conflict. If you really want to keep the file as-is, you can remove the conflict diff lines, and then git add / git commit the files that were in conflict so that you keep all lines of the file.

How do you abort a merge?

On the command line, a simple "git merge --abort" will do this for you. In case you've made a mistake while resolving a conflict and realize this only after completing the merge, you can still easily undo it: just roll back to the commit before the merge happened with "git reset --hard " and start over again.

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