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How do crown anchor points work?

How do I earn points? Crown and Anchor membership is complimentary and points are earned every night spent onboard a Royal Caribbean ship. The scheme works on a "1 point per night" system with 2 points per night being awarded for a Junior Suite or above category.

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Just so, how long does it take for Crown and Anchor points to post?

Points will be added to eligible Crown & Anchor member's account 60 days after cruise completion."

Likewise, what are the levels for Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor? Click on a ribbon below to view tier specific benefits.

  • Gold. Cruise Points: 3.
  • Platinum. Cruise Points: 30.
  • Emerald. Cruise Points: 55.
  • Diamond. Cruise Points: 80.
  • Diamond. Plus. Cruise Points: 175.
  • Pinnacle. Club. Cruise Points: 700.

In this regard, how do you earn points on Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor?

Every night you spend onboard a Royal Caribbean ship will earn you one point, for example if you go on a seven night cruise you will earn seven crown and anchor points. Sail in a Junior Suite or above category and you can earn double with two points per night!

How do Points work on Royal Caribbean?

Cruise Points are the way you earn membership status in the Crown & Anchor Society. For instance, if you complete a 7-night cruise, you'll earn 7 Cruise Points, and when you purchase a suite you'll earn 14 Cruise Points. Further terms and conditions apply.

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