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How did the Puritans raise their children?

The children were taught that they were born with sin and they had to spend their whole life making up for that. The home life of Puritans was strict and plain. Puritan children did what the adults did: chores, attending church services, and not showing individual differences.

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Also know, what is a Puritan child?

Puritans were people who wanted to “purify,” or simplify, the Church of England. This church had broken away from Roman Catholicism during a period called the Protestant Reformation. However, the Puritans felt that the Church of England had kept too many Catholic practices.

Similarly, what was considered bad behavior in a Puritan society? The 1648 Laws and Liberties of Massachusetts, for example, often quoted biblical passages. Colonists considered lying, idleness (not working), drunkenness, various sexual offenses, and even general bad behavior as crime. Playing certain games in the Puritan colonies, such as shuffleboard or cards, was a crime.

Regarding this, what was family life like for the Puritans?

Family Life: The family was very important to the Puritans and most were farming families. The average Puritans lived longer than their counterparts in England, and many lived long enough to be grandparents, which was not common. Many kept journals of their daily lives.

What were Puritan punishments?

Puritans based their system of punishments on humiliation and shame. They felt that these practices would keep crime at bay out of fear of embarassment. A less severe, more common punishment was being sentenced to the stocks. The ducking stool was also used in the era of the Puritans.

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