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How did the Great Depression impact the people of Georgia?

On top of the boll weevil's effects and decreasing cotton prices, a three-year drought beginning in 1925 and an insufficient irrigation system further depressed Georgia's agricultural economy. The root of Georgia's rural depression in the 1920s was the decades-long dependence on cash-crop agriculture.

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Keeping this in consideration, what did the Great Depression mean for people in Georgia?

Georgia had it harder than most states during the time period of 1920s- late 1930s. Georgia had suffered from many crop failures because of boll weevils and a great drought. Then the depression struck, and Georgia was hit harder than ever. The reason the depression was caused was because of the Stock Market crash.

Similarly, how were farmers impacted by the Great Depression? Farmers Grow Angry and Desperate. During World War I, farmers worked hard to produce record crops and livestock. When prices fell they tried to produce even more to pay their debts, taxes and living expenses. In the early 1930s prices dropped so low that many farmers went bankrupt and lost their farms.

Similarly, it is asked, what were the major problems of the Great Depression?

The Great Depression, the United States' largest economic downturn, ushered in a period of unemployment, labor strife and cultural complications. At the peak of the Depression, unemployment reached an astounding 25%. Unemployed urban Americans were forced to wait in soup and work lines, steal and live in shantytowns.

What was the impact of the boll weevil and drought on Ga farmers before the Depression?

In the 1920s, Georgia experience a severe drought and it was devastating to the Georgia economy. Unlike the boll weevil which destroyed cotton, the drought affected all agricultural crops. Many farmers lost money because their production decreased, which resulted in either less profits or losing money.

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