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How did television coverage impact the Vietnam War?

Television coverage of the Vietnam War had a huge impact in America. It was the first time people saw footage of combat in their homes, not only combat but more importantly the casualties resulting from it. Seeing American dead and wounded was a real shock, in prior wars such images were rarely released to the public.

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Beside this, what were the effects of the night TV coverage of the Vietnam War?

Because TV coverage brought the horrors of war to peoples' living rooms, the conventional wisdom has generally been that for better or for worse it had an anti-war influence on the public.

One may also ask, was the Vietnam War televised? When they could see and hear it in their living rooms, they turned against it. attitudes toward the Vietnam War, there is historical evidence that calls into question the conventional wisdom about its influence. Vietnam was the first televised war; it was by no means the first unpopular American war.

Also, how did television reports on the Vietnam War affect American opinion?

turned americans against war and against troops. it changed the look of the government to the American Citizens and showed that what they believed was true.

How did television affect the Vietnam War in Australia?

Television, magazine and newspaper pictures provided the major source of visual imagery during the war. Television, in particular, changed the way in which Australians received images of conflict with its ability to show audiences graphic film footage of events almost as soon as they occurred.

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