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How did Spanish conquered Aztecs?

Cortés began to march inland towards the city of Tenochtitlan, the capital city of the Aztec Empire. He conquered some cities along the way and made alliances with others. The Tlaxcalans became his closest allies. They hated the Aztecs because they had raided their cities for people to sacrifice to their gods.

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Regarding this, why did the Spanish conquered the Aztecs?

Hernán Cortés was a Spanish conquistador, or conqueror, best remembered for conquering the Aztec empire in 1521 and claiming Mexico for Spain. "He was a smart, ambitious man who wanted to appropriate new land for the Spanish crown, convert native inhabitants to Catholicism, and plunder the lands for gold and riches."

Furthermore, how did the Aztecs lose to the Spanish? The Spaniards arrived at the coast and worked their way towards the Aztec empire defeating nations along the way, many of which became their allies. The Spaniards took Montezuma, the Aztec emperor, captive and he was killed by accident. The Aztecs attacked the Spaniards, defeated them, and almost wiped them out.

Thereof, why was it easy for the Spanish to conquer the Aztecs?

After the Empire The Spanish tried to change the Aztecs into Catholics and make them act like Spanish people. They made it easier to change from Aztec rule to Spanish rule by letting many Aztec nobles become Spanish nobles. The conquistadors rewarded people who had helped them defeat the Aztecs.

Why did Cortes want to conquer the Aztecs?

Hernan Cortes was able to conquer the Aztec Empire by scaring the natives with the 16 horses, gaining alliances with the other enemies of the Aztec, having superior and better weapons than the natives (like guns), having armor, and having steel.

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