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How did Placerville get its name?

Placerville is a charming California “gold rush” town named after the placer gold deposits found in its' river beds and hills in the late 1840's. During the gold rush, Placerville was the seat of law and order where criminals met with swift justice often at the end of a rope, hence the early name of Hangtown.

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Regarding this, what is Placerville famous for?

The history of Placerville, formerly Hangtown and Old Dry Diggins, has its roots in mining and was once known for its notorious reputation for vigilante justice carried out by hangings.

Also Know, how old is Placerville? Placerville had been suggested as early as 1850. It became official when the city was incorporated in 1854. The same year, an election was held to try to wrestle the county seat of government away from Coloma, but Placerville was not the only competitor. Three other communities joined in the running.

Hereof, why was Placerville called Hangtown?

At one point, during California's Gold Rush, Placerville was called Hangtown because of the numerous hangings that took place in the town. Hangman's Tree Bar sits on the site of Placerville's original tree where vigilantes would execute men without judge or jury.

How big is Placerville?

15.05 km²

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