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How did Hoover and Roosevelt differ in the Great Depression?

Roosevelt essentially took the opposite approach as Hoover in taking on the Great Depression. Herbert Hoover thought that America and its economy could naturally recover from the Depression in due course, so he adamantly restrained the federal government from intervening on behalf of the people affected.

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Considering this, how did Hoover and Roosevelt differ in their response to the Great Depression open study?

Hoover focused on providing farmers with aid, whereas Roosevelt focused on industrial workers. Hoover felt that aid should be given to corporations and banks; Roosevelt felt that aid should be given directly to the people.

Subsequently, question is, how did President Hoover respond to the Great Depression? However, Hoover's response to the crisis was constrained by his conservative political philosophy. He believed in a limited role for government and worried that excessive federal intervention posed a threat to capitalism and individualism. He felt that assistance should be handled on a local, voluntary basis.

Furthermore, what is the difference between Hoover and Roosevelt?

The main difference (and it was a big one) between the Hoover and Roosevelt administrations was that Roosevelt advocated and took direct action to combat the effects of the Great Depression.

Who was better Hoover or Roosevelt?

Roosevelt, the Democratic candidate, won the support of 22,817,883 voters (57.41%), the greatest vote ever cast for a candidate for the Presidency up until that time, and 1,425,000 greater than that cast for Hoover four years earlier. Hoover won a greater percentage of the vote in 1928, as did Harding in 1920.

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