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How did drought impact Georgia's farms in the 1920s?

In the 1920s, Georgia experience a severe drought and it was devastating to the Georgia economy. Unlike the boll weevil which destroyed cotton, the drought affected all agricultural crops. Many farmers lost money because their production decreased, which resulted in either less profits or losing money.

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Correspondingly, how did the drought impact Georgia?

On top of the boll weevil's effects and decreasing cotton prices, a three-year drought beginning in 1925 and an insufficient irrigation system further depressed Georgia's agricultural economy. The root of Georgia's rural depression in the 1920s was the decades-long dependence on cash-crop agriculture.

Also, what was the drought of 1924? The Drought of 1924. When farms failed, banks and other farm related businesses closed.

Keeping this in consideration, what impact did overproduction have on Georgia farmers?

It caused farm prices to drop and made it difficult for farmers to get out of debt.

Why was Georgia's economy able to fight off the Great Depression?

Georgia's economy was affected during the Great Depression such as any state in the United States. As a way to fight off the effects of the Great Depression, Georgia increased their factory production during World War II, allowing it's recovery from the lack of money caused by the economic crisis.

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