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How did Demeter get her Roman name?

Demeter was often considered to be the same figure as the Anatolian goddess Cybele, and in Rome she was identified as the Latin goddess Ceres.

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Correspondingly, what was the Roman name for Demeter?


how did Demeter get her name? Demeter appeared most commonly as a grain goddess. The name Ioulo (from ioulos, “grain sheaf”) has been regarded as identifying her with the sheaf and as proving that the cult of Demeter originated in the worship of the grain mother.

Also to know, how was Demeter born or created?

Like her brothers and sisters, she was swallowed by her father Cronus when she was born. However, she was later rescued by her youngest brother Zeus. As goddess of the harvest, Demeter was worshiped by the people of Greece as they depended on good crops for food and survival.

What does Demeter instruct the people of Eleusis in after she reveals herself?

Demeter's Instructions. Before her disappearance, Demeter had ordered that the people of Eleusis build for her a great temple and an altar below the town on the rising hill above the well Kallichoron; she promised to teach them her rites so that by performing them with reverence they might propitiate her heart.

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