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How did Bushwacker die?

The trainer and handler of Professional Bull Rider's (PBR) number one bucking bull, Bushwacker, was found dead of an apparent suicide on Thursday near Bunyan, Texas. Officials in Erath County, say Kent Cox, trainer and handler of Bushwacker were called to a possible suicide early Thursday morning.

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Also question is, did Bushwacker the bull die?

The man, whose name was Kent Cox, died near Bunyan, Texas, on Feb. 27, 2014. He was found hanging from a rope in front of the pens where he housed his bulls—including Bushwacker, the famous champion with the burnt-rust coat that had, for four straight years, mocked the very name of the Professional Bull Riders tour.

Additionally, how many times was Bushwacker ridden? During his six-year career in PBR, Bushwacker has only been ridden the requisite eight seconds twice in his 66 outs: once in 2009 (his debut year) by Thiago Paguioto, and in 2013 by rodeo legend J.B. Mauney. However, most riders can only manage to hold on to Bushwacker for 3.3 seconds.

Hereof, has Bushwacker been ridden?

Bushwacker, a 1,700-pound bucking bull, is shown during the Professional Bull Riders World Finals on Oct. 28, 2011, at the Thomas & Mack Center. Bushwacker never had been ridden for a full eight seconds as a mature bull until J.B. Mauney did it Saturday night at Tulsa, Okla.

How old is Bushwacker the bull?

Nobody rides Bushwacker. Well, almost nobody. In five seasons on the PBR tour, he has been ridden the requisite eight seconds, i.e., a qualified ride, just once in 61 outs. The 8-year-old also owns the longest streak of consecutive buck-offs, 42, in PBR history.

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